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About Me

Just a City Boy, Born and Raised in South Detroit.

To become a globally recognized hub for creative excellence, inspiring and empowering individuals through innovative graphic design solutions that transcend boundaries and elevate visual storytelling.

My mission is to provide exceptional graphic design services that merge artistic ingenuity with strategic thinking, helping businesses and individuals effectively communicate their messages and achieve their goals. We strive to cultivate a collaborative environment that fosters creativity, growth, and meaningful connections with our clients

My goal is to establish myself as a leading graphic design artist by delivering captivating and tailored designs that captivate audiences, strengthen brand identities, and drive tangible results for our clients. I aim to continuously expand my expertise, keep pace with emerging design trends and technologies, and build long-lasting partnerships to ensure client satisfaction and exceed their expectations

Who am i

Freelance designer with a million ideas.

Welcome to my graphic design world! I’m Brandon, a passionate and dedicated graphic designer with a knack for captivating visual storytelling. With a solid foundation in design principles and an insatiable curiosity for new technologies, I bring a unique blend of artistic flair and technical expertise to my work.

In 2016, I graduated from Nossi College of Art with a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design, equipping me with a strong foundation in design theory, composition, and creative problem-solving. Since then, I have been on a relentless pursuit of honing my skills and pushing the boundaries of my craft.

Currently, I am attending San Diego Global Knowledge University, where I am pursuing a degree in Fullstack Development. This educational journey allows me to delve into the fascinating world of web development, gaining a deeper understanding of the technical aspects that complement and enhance my design work.

Combining my expertise in graphic design with my growing proficiency in fullstack development, I strive to create immersive and seamless user experiences across both digital and print platforms. I believe that the fusion of design aesthetics and cutting-edge technology has the power to transform ideas into impactful visual masterpieces.

With each project, my goal is to create designs that not only visually captivate but also communicate the essence of the brand or message effectively. I am passionate about collaborating closely with clients to understand their vision, goals, and unique challenges, and then translating them into visually stunning and results-driven designs.

I am excited to embark on creative journeys, pushing boundaries, and crafting compelling visual narratives that leave a lasting impression. Join me in this exciting adventure as we bring your ideas to life through the power of graphic design.

Let’s connect and explore the endless possibilities together!

I took this at work  in the company vehicle. do i look professional?

My Skills

I am skilled and experienced.

2012-2016 Bachelor’s of Graphic Arts

Nossi College of Art

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2023-Present FullStack Developer

San Diego Global Knowledge University

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2015-2016 Graphic Designer (Intern)

Country Music Hall of Fame

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2014-Present Graphic Designer

Dedication Studios

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They Are My Partners in Crime

My graphic design work thrives on the collaboration and support of my partners in crime. Together, we bring diverse expertise, innovative thinking, and refined concepts to every project. Their input enhances the quality of our designs, fuels continuous learning, and ensures efficient project execution. Our collective effort amplifies creativity, enriches outcomes, and leaves a lasting impact in visual communication.

Eric Nyamor


Dallas Fanchier


Sam Olson



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