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 Dedication Studios founded in early 2018 by Brandon Lile & Dallas Franchier. Their vision was to create agency which really understood the client’s vision and to know how it executes their specifications perfectly. With Brandon’s love of design and Dallas’s expert knowledge of technology and digital strategy the only thing needed was a name. Inspired by music artist Nipsey Hussle, Victory Lap, ignited a flame in the hearts of the founders of Dedication Studios Content. Victory Lap speaks volumes of truth to what it means to reap the reward of what you sow. Music is a drive for most creative thinkers, It creates emotions, makes you think and even inspire you but for Creative Director; Brandon Lile found Hussle’s song Dedication turned out to be more than life-giving truth in regards to what it means to chase after what you love and from then Dedication Studios was born. We know that your business takes dedication, hardwork and patience. We’re passionate about helping to create the tools and ideas to start or grow your business. At Dedication Studios, we don’t have a Mission Statement. We have a Purpose Statement- “We’re as Dedicated to building your business as you are

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