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What makes Dedication Studios different than other dream building companies? The answer is realism and authenticity. Inspired by music artist Nipsey Hussle, Victory Lap, ignited a flame in the hearts of the founders of Dedication Studios Content. Victory Lap speaks volumes of truth to what it means to reap the reward of what you sow. As Hussle proved that anything was possible, he started from the cold streets, he ended up with cold cash and a booming career. Music is a drive for most creative thinkers, but Creative Director; Brandon Lile found Hussle’s song Dedication to be more than life-giving truth in regards to what it means to chase after what you love. Before his role at Dedication Studios, Brandon worked for an armed company for several years. What would be considered the american dream for most, became a creative sinkhole for dreamers such as himself and the minds at work behind the scenes of Dedication Studios Content. Drained from backbreaking hours and a snuffed out imaginative flame, Brandon used what would have been the death of his creative mind as fuel to search what became his passion and the foundation of the company. As he dreamed to design, build a project involving less hours with incomparable pay, birthed a solid company that helps others to understand that dreams are achievable and no dream is too big.

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Our mission is to give small business owners the look and essentials they need in a digital world to attract their ideal customers.

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